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As you have no doubt noticed, we live in strange and interesting times. On the one side we have the victorious rationalism, with its complete dependence upon the computer and its related technology, yet on the other side we have the growing popularity of esoteric knowledge, or the search for «paranormal phenomena» as it is called by the media. Our «rational thinking» culture is going through a crisis of faith and the world around us no longer seems to be the same – the one which has been explained to us by scientists for the last hundred years.
This can be clearly seen by the average person’s growing lack of confidence in the specialists who, supported by their computers, are no longer able to help them cope with the growing complexity and strangeness of life.What is the meaning behind this desire we have to search unknown forces for the help we need, that have until now been very little researched by the scientific community, areas such as bio-energy, occultism, telepathy, and other secrets of our life and existence on this earth?
Seen against a background of the usual books and literature which deal with the border sciences and paranormal, the book from Miroslaw Mignola is a true exception!
He attacks the world of the fundamentalist scientist through a series of adventurous lectures, which explain to the reader the reasons and logic behind his criticism, while at the same time he seeks to distance himself from the esoteric movement, although he would surely be greeted with open arms from the New Age community. Miroslaw Magola is gifted with some of the strangest abilities on the planet, which are generally regarded as «paranomal», but his book is filled with protests against exactly this kind of nomenclature.
He deals with and discusses things «beyond our world» but describes himself as a radical rationalist. He is one of the most unique people on the planet, yet insists on his normality.
Who is Miroslaw Migola and in what way is he exceptional that he could awake such unique abilities? On the Internet, among other sources, a person can read about his amazing abilities of magnetism. This word describes the ability to affect the world of material objects with the power of one’s own psyche. To simplify it even more, we could say that lifeless objects obey his will. He has the ability to move objects against the laws of gravity. But that is only the beginning of his talents, more profoundly, he is capable of coming directly into contact with the energy-based structure of reality! This allows him to successfully complete nearly any challenge set before him, even those outside the tight corset of accepted physical laws. He claims that not only he can do this, but every one of us also has this ability!
As a strongheaded realist he gladly undertakes any tests he is asked to participate in. He also does his best to provoke such tests and experiments in the name of knowlege.

The abilities of Miroslaw Migola are known to the most hard-line sceptics on both sides of the planet. Even the famous James Randi is well versed in Migola’s talents. Mr. Randi, who has spent a large part of his life and a lot of money to de-mask paranormal phenomena, does not dispute the authenticity of Magola’s talents (and so far has avoided a scientific inspection of Magola’s abilities). The American James Randi Education Foundation (J.R.E.F) has examined unusual occurrences across the world, even in the former USSR. The author of this book has demonstrated his talents under the scrutiny of such well known scientists as Dr. David Lewis a French-born neuropsychologist, the founder and Director at the independent research consultancy Mindlab International based at the Sussex Innovation Centre in Brighton, Prof. Abhaya N. Deva, Ph. D. Roland Charczuk, Prof. Dr. Dipl. Psych. Toni Forster, Prof. Alex Schneider M. Sc, Dr. U. E. Hasler, Nene von Muralt, M. D. Jakob Boesch, Prof. Dr. Konstatin Korotkov , Korotkov is Professor of Physics at Sant Petersburg National Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in Russia and a senior researcher at St. Petersburg Research institute of Physical Culture and Sport. He developed a technique similar to Kirlian photography called "gas discharge visualization" Korotkov's GDV camera system consists of hardware and software to directly record, process and interpret GDV images with a computer., Dr. Paola Giovetti, Rainer Holbe, Dr. Serge Kahili King who has published the world's largest selection of books and tapes on Huna, the Polynesian philosophy and practice of effective living, and on the spirit of Aloha, the attitude of love and peace for which the Hawaiian Islands are so famous, Prof. Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson a professor emeritus of psychology on the faculty of social science at the University of Iceland. He has published in various psychology and psychiatry journals, he has published parapsychology books and authored a number of papers for parapsychology journals, Prof. Peter Mulacz, Edgar Wunder, Jack Houck, Elda Hartley, Prof. Robert Ritch, Dr. Alexander Imich, M. D. Ph. D. Barbara G. Koopman, to name but a few. The prominent American specialist for Kirlian photography, Dr. Dobruskin, has photographed Magola during his demonstrations. Magola has also been the subject of an interview and has had his photo on the title page of the worldwide renowned magazine for paranormal phenomenon, Encounter .
The European scientific community has also turned their attention to the unique abilities of Magola, especially Dr. Dr. Walter von Lacaudou from the university in Freiburg. In January 1997 Dr. Friedbert Karger of the German Max Plank Institute examined Magola’s talents and Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerhard Ruhenstroth-Bauer of the same institute has proposed to include Magola in his project.

Dr. Alexander Imich
Dr. Alexander Imich
Dr. Alex Schneider
Dr. Dubrowski
Dr. Friedbert Karger

Dr. Friedbert Karger
Prof. Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Prof. Dr. Dr. Ruhenstroth-­Bauer
Prof. Dr. Dr. Ruhenstroth-­Bauer
Dr. U. E. Hasler


The author’s rare gift is also well known to the public through television. Together with Uri Geller, the most famous psychic on the planet, he took part in a live show for the british ITV programme «Beyond Belief» hosted by BBC broadcaster Sir David Frost on the subject of paranormal phenomena. TV shows with Magola have also been broadcasted by SF1 and Telebasel «7vor7» hosted by Tamara Wernli (Switzerland), RTL (Luxembourg) and Prosieben «Galileo» hosted by Aiman Abdallah and Stefan Goedde and «Talk show Arabella» hosted by Arabella Kiesbauer (Germany), furthermore in the programmes «Clever spezial» hosted by Barbara Eligmann and Wigald Boning on SAT.1 (Germany), «Unbelievable» on Fuji TV (Japan), »La Soiree de l’Etrange« hosted by Christophe Dechavanne and Patrice Carmouze on TF1 (France) and «Stan Lee’s Superhumans» episode «Human Wolf» hosted by Stan Lee and Daniel Browning Smith on History Channel , Discovery Channel and NBC Universo ( Superhumanos de Stan Lee ), ABC TV (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) , GMA News TV (Philippines), Fokus TV ( Poland )
Briefly said, he has successfully demonstrated his authenticity to the world.
And yet, as it can be seen clearly in the book, the author does not attach much importance to this worldwide attention. His passion goes for the scientific investigation into such abilitys and the widespread acceptance of them. Therefore, he sometimes accepts offers from showbusiness to give both attractive and serious demonstrations. His ultimate goal is revealed to the reader and it shows the originality of the author on the world stage of strange phenomena.
The book is not only a description of the author’s abilities. It’s not only a guide to the world of the paranormal phenomena, which allows the reader to penetrate deep into it’s heart, but much more importantly, it is a document which presents the core of Magola’s experience and knowledge.
From his deep contact with the basic universal energy structure that unifies everything, he draws not only his powers, which lie far above what is normally accepted possible for a human, but also his knowledge about the world and its people. And who would have thought it: it is principally a european philosophy. It is a european philosophy that is sometimes excessivley rationalistic and devoid of influence from any form of mystical or esoteric source.
The reader of this type of literature is usually subject to books in which single, unconnected pieces of information are presented in an unstructured form about the world of unusual phenomenon. With Magola’s book, this is very different. His book is a sociological-philosophical discussion between modern urban people with the underlying structure of a near classical disciplined european novelette. This structure underlines many fragments in which the author distances himself, respectfully and gently but also clearly, from the achievements of eastern meditation techniques and their derived euroamerican offshoots.
It is obvious that the author has no fear of tackling simple, daily themes of philosophy. This courage has the effect that the normal person finds many refreshing discussions within the book. He proves that to think over the everyday things of life returns its beauty and attractiveness, and especially his sense of interactivity because, as he has said: «The human with his/her brain is unique on the planet ...» – which we often forget.
Miroslaw Magola is currently working on his second book «An Altered State of Consciousness».
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